About the work


I use collage and assemblage techniques to investigate how  news-information used through and by different media can be manipulated in the way it is presented.

My work combines basic formal principles—i.e. framing, form vs. rest-form, rhythm and order—with associations related to the materials, ‘real’ objects and connecting materials I use. Thus, my work can be seen as image-constructions or tools, made out of or with every-day materials, which can be ‘used’ for questioning how today’s news media and social media are providing information.

The use of different media, like 3D,2D, photography, video and sound, in a exhibition-installation, reflects the experience of the viewer in a social-mass-media-landscape that is resonant with information-delivery-strategies, but  leaves the truth of events that much more diffuse and inaccessible. 


About the Documentation


 ‘Paper-Painting (NYT)’ and 'Paper-Painting (fT)' are part of a series of paintings based on  international contemporary news-papers.

Starting point for the series was for me to make a visual analogy of the term ‘ reading through the paper’ in which one consciously and unconsciously orders or ignores information and which is based on preoccupied formal and psychological conditions. Little circles are ‘perforated’ out of a folded news-paper, and then rearranged on a divided canvas. Thereby, ‘news-information-pockets’ are being either pushed to the foreground or to the background in a (pre-) composed info-field. 

 ‘Double Crossed-Painting’ is part of a series of work entitled ‘The Hanged and Carried’ series. It’s built out of 2 pairs of aluminium stretcher bars. The front one is being ‘hanged’ on top, and ‘carried’  bellow by a aluminium bracket.  The lower bracket is also supporting 2 ‘perforated’ Books: L’Homme Revolte by Albert Camus & Rote Arme Fraktion-Texte und Materialien zur Geschichte der RAF,  by ID-Verlag.


 ‘Speaker Tower’ is part of a series of towers made of or with loudspeakers. This one is built with used intercom speakers, which I cut half open on the back. The tower is free standing and wrapped in shrink-wrap plastic.


NY,NY Tower’ is put together out of the lower part of a  rolling-chair with a glove hanging underneath and an aluminium scaffold pole with thin aluminium tube ‘arms’ with plastic lids connected to them. These ‘arms’ are partly connected by coloured rubber bands with chains made of key-rings. On top of the speaker stands a  little tower of transparent plastic lids and containers and a miniature Statue of Liberty in a half-cut-open can. Out of the speaker sounds quietly the intro-part of Sinatra’s song ‘New York, New York’, in a loop.


This 'Hanger Piece’ is part of a series of 24 works entitled ‘Hanger Pieces (Mechanical-PhotoShop-Applications-1--24).  These are assemblaged works made of different materials, combined with little objects and parts of newspapers and magazines. The parts are put together with small ‘temporary’ everyday connecting tools like paper -and binder-clips, rubber bands, push-pins, stables etc..